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Knowledge Management Systems - Knowledge Management Software, Business Processes and Operating Systems


A Knowledge Management system consists of Knowledge Management software that automates processes of knowledge management, users of the systems, business problems that knowledge management system can solve, and hardware and Operating Systems that run Knowledge Management software.

Knowledge Management Software

Knowledge Management software capture, extract and organize information and knowledge. Knowledge management software facilitates knowledge sharing within the organization and its palterers and customers. Unlike other e-business software (ERP, CRM SCM and SFA) which you can acquire packaged software from one vendors, knowledge management software are loosely integrated.

Users of Knowledge Management Systems

  • employees at all levels
  • business partners - suppliers, contract manufacturers and distributor
  • customers or clients

Opportunities for Knowledge Management

  • manage knowledge of organization - organizational structure, history and procedures
  • manage Knowledge of products and services
  • manage knowledge of customers/clients
  • manage knowledge of customer support
  • manage knowledge related to suppliers, contract manufacturers and distributors.
  • manage professional knowledge - knowledge in particular fields or industries
  • manage knowledge of Decision Making and strategic planning.

Operating Systems for Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management software can run on UNIX, NT or Linux.

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