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Benefits of Knowledge Management Systems - Benefits of Automation


We'll discuss the benefits of knowledge management systems or the benefits of automating the processes of knowledge management. We will not address the benefits of knowledge and knowledge management which are enormous. Knowledge management software utilizes wide range of information technology to automate information capturing, knowledge extraction, knowledge representation and knowledge dissemination or knowledge sharing.

Knowledge Capturing and Extraction

  • automation of information extraction from ecommerce applications and e-business applications - ERP, CRM, SCM and SFA.
  • document management systems capture knowledge in vast amount of corporate document.
  • content management systems captures, organizes and store knowledge from user inputs.

Knowledge Representation and Organization

  • data warehouse technology stores and organizes vast amount of data for easy retrieval and data mining.
  • data mining technology explores valuable quantitative knowledge in vast amount of data stored in data warehouses to identify meaningful patterns.
  • knowledge representation organizes and represents qualitative knowledge in rules or frame or procedures or cases so that Decision Support Systems and Expert Systems can use to make intelligent decisions.

Knowledge Sharing and Decision Support

  • Decision Support Systems enhances the natural process of decision making by generating and evaluating many options.
  • Expert Systems utilize knowledge and experience stored to solve complex problems in specific domains. Knowledge is represented either in a set of rules (rule-based systems) or set of cases (case-based systems).

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