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Causes of Knowledge Management Failures


Knowledge Management is a business system that consists of enterprise goals, business strategies and organizational information systems used to capture, organize and disseminate knowledge in an extended enterprise environment. Knowledge management has been the solutions for many business problems - organizational learning, customer management and coordination with business partners. Knowledge management can improve the business processes by sharing knowledge with employees, customers and business partners.

The components of an Knowledge Management System consists of 1) Knowledge Management software and hardware, 2) Users of Knowledge Management system, and 3) Business Processes supported by the Knowledge Management software systems. The failure in any of those components will lead to the failure of Knowledge Management efforts.

Failures of Knowledge Management Software Systems

  • organizations may mismatch knowledge management software selected with their business requirements
  • organizations may develop knowledge management applications which fail to meet the project requirements.
  • technical challenge in knowledge extraction
  • technical challenge in knowledge organization
  • technical challenge in sharing of knowledge across departments and enterprises.

Failures in User Involvement and Acceptance

  • lack of commitment from senior management
  • lack of involvement of knowledge workers in system development
  • lack of involvement of end-users in application development
  • lack of incentives for users to use knowledge management systems

Failures in Use of Knowledge

  • knowledge systems are inappropriately used in customer support
  • knowledge systems are inadequately used in planning and decision making
  • customers have difficulty in using the systems
  • partners have difficulty in using the systems

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